English Vocabulary

key clients

Hello ! I would have thought that key clients are important clients, but when Luna says to Philip : " You oversee all sales - both wholesale and retail - and lead the sales department as well as working with your own key clients" I wonder why she uses the word "key" and whether it has a particular meaning.


  • Hello! clients are usually gathered in portfolios managed by a given salesman. Commercial leaders, besides their management of the global sales, can also manage a portfolio of their own. A key client can be considered as a major client in terms of global and annual turnover.
  • Thank you for this explanation. I don't know much about business. I don't know if there is a french translation for that ! Thank you anyway !
  • The french translation for key clients could be "grands comptes" - which means societies and/or enterprises with the most important annual budget.
  • Thank you Pernelle, I wouldn't have guessed that..

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