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My 57th lesson.

To day, the 4th of february, I haven't received your mail this morning. Please, could you send me the 57th lesson. Thanks. Michel Thoorens.


  • yes you are right . Today is a mess !!! I sent my copy and no correction .... ( and so the lesson was arrived late in the morning ). I hope it will be arranged soon .
  • I had no e mail either yesterday, but the lesson was in my workbook. It happens sometimes, in that case you just have to go in your worbook. I keep somewhere a past e mail from gymglish to do so, because I forgot my password straight away when I suscribed ;)
  • Hello, If ever you have an issue with a missing lesson or correction, please check your WorkBook first, as Pimpanella suggests. If you can't resolve the problem on your own, please contact support AT gymglish. com.

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