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Brian lost his hair ?

Hi there ! Help..I need somedy help....oh I need somedy! Beatles ! Years ago ! Well , I'm all cheesed off today : Anyone to explain or to confirm " to lose one's hair " ? I thought that would be when your hair falls down for some dramatic reason ( you're ill or whatever ...) But , here , in that lesson , it seems that Brian had his hair cut , and the barber in fact shaved his hair ( accidentally ) so he ...sort of , " lost his hair " ......on the barber's floor...? Hope he finds it back soon ...! Waarrfff ...that made me giggle Have a nice day , you guys ! Desperate Trifle


  • It's not worth being desperate, Trifle. Keep your hair on. If Brian Jones was in a hairdessing salon to get his hair done and if the hairdresser shaved his head, it has, as you said, nothing to do with an idiom. A baldy head might possibly fit Brian perfectly. I for one never heard "to lose one's hair" as an idiomatic expression but I am nothing but a GymGlish subscriber. Would Americans use "to lose one's hair" to mean "to let one's hair down" or anything else? I dunno. I am sorry for being of no help to you, Trifle.

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