English Idioms

Fill you in or get you straight ?

I'll let him fill you in on the details
or I'll let him get you straight on the details.
I'm rather used to use the second.
But do you feel a difference or a subtlety between the two?


  • As for me I feel the shade of meaning that always distinguishes two synonyms. For my part "to fill sbd in with sthg" is softer and milder than "to get sbd straight on sthg" that is more direct. When I fill something it takes some time; if I get straight on it, it's more like to tack to it. But it's just MY personal feeling, Jean-Pierre. Yours might sound otherwise.
  • I'll let him fill you in on the details: he can give you all the information. The second doesn't make sense. Let me get this straight: Is this correct? Hope that helps I am attempting to learn French. Aprendre Francais. Would anyone need help with their English in return for helping me with my French. By email? psg2000@gmail.com

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