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funky friday

Hello ! I would like to receive "the funky friday" again... Is it possible ?


  • I didn't receive funky friday, friday 22/02/2013. Thx
  • We are not compelled to get the Funky Friday. If you don't get it but you'd like to, check your account. Go to 'My account', then switch on 'Episodes', then on 'Funky Fridays', then on 'Funky Fridays settings" and choose "Funk yes". If you do so, for sure you'll be granted.
  • And about the last episode of Funky Friday, and the choice we had, don't you feel like me, that the writer of this serie didn't want us to choose something else than "Everyone must sing the 'King Cheeter' anthem every morning" ? Because the other options were not really attractive (all short people must leave the country or all food prohibited except...) ;) I almost checked " modern technology is outlawed" but then I switched, because I didn't really want that.
    I think it was a good idea to make a story going on, but maybe it has gone too long now, the creative drive has come to an end, they have run out of ideas...

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