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Hung like a horse

Good morning you all ! Can't find : " I'm hung like a horse " on Phrase finder .... Thanks for your kind answer ! Have a nice day


  • Dwight said

    In order to make the idiom more pictoresque, native speakers often specify the type of the horse in this idioim further: I've heard the idiom as "A man hung like a shire horse". For those who are familiar with the Lord Of The Rings saga (in English), "shire" might be known word. More traditionally, a shire is the the estate of a Duke, a Lord, the land owned by an aristocrat lord. I think you get the picture. (the picture of the shire and the shire horse, not the man)

      A Shire horse is a type of horse
  • Thank you dear ones.....I thought that was it ....we do say that here in France too ....don't we ? See you guys ! Trifle
  • Good morning you all ! Can't find : " I'm hung like a horse " on Phrase finder .... Thanks for your kind answer ! Have a nice day
  • Hi, Trifle. Did you get the “Word of the Month” today? Is it by chance or is it that the GG team would cast an eye on the forum now and then, but your idiom is starring in a Horseplay of this monthly issue. As you said in your last post, you perfectly knew the meaning of the expression, adding that you are even used to telling it in French. Say, I'd be interested in hearing it in French. [Thanks in advance.] --- I'd like to take the opportunity to tell more about “to be hung like a horse”, in case some possible readers would be interested in. I think we are here dealing with a metonymy, especially here a part of something standing for the whole thing. Just as we could say that the writer of the GG episodes is a good pen, or that the workforce of the GG tells ten-something heads. If the man is hung like a horse, it is basically because he is called by his penis hanging from his crotch in between his legs looking so much big that it is looking like the one of a horse. But an idiom never gets stuck to its first sense. Even if the man is having a hard-on, his prick is no longer hanging but the idiom still fits. So, in the Horseplay of this Word of the Month, Stud tells Cindy who would like to eat before having sex: “But I'm hung like a horse! Look...”
  • According to Wiktionary, saying of a man that he is hung like a horse is a vulgar way to say that he has a large penis. So that's not a mere trifle, hey.
  • Hi, Here : <a href="http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hung%20like%20a%20horse">http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hung%20like%20a%20horse</a> Have a nice day too.

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