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Hello everybody! As far as I know through my Gymglish lessons the word "bathroom" in US English means "toilets" in UK English. Well.... If so, how can I translate the UK "Bathroom" in US English? Thanks


  • Hello ! I think that in US the meaning is double, toilet AND/OR bathroom. There isn't a word separate... Maybe because the toilet are often in the bathroom, and not in a separate room ?
  • Thankyou Idoine.
  • Plural or singular?
    In North America including Canada "toilets" (plural) isn't a common word except in the airports and on planes where the signs are written in international language rather than genuine American English. Elsewhere on the continent you better not pronounce this word as it's often felt as a bad word (les chiottes en français).
    The usual meaning of "toilet" (singular) in America is the piece of furniture not the room. In a private house the toilet is traditionally located in the bathroom beside the tub and the sink.
    So at home a guest will ask for the bathroom either for them to pee or to wash up (faire un brin de toilette pas la vaisselle).
    But in a hotel or a restaurant just ask for the rest-room (les lavabos ou les toilettes).
    So remember that in a home or in a restaurant asking for the toilets is impolite. An never forget to flush the toilet after use, it would be impolite as well, I guess.
    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks for these precisions, Jean-Pierre !
  • in the UK, you would ask where the toilets are? or the ladies/gents? I am attempting to learn French. Je apprends a Francais. Would anyone need help with their English in return for helping me with my French. By email? psg2000@gmail.com

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