English Grammar

to speak to/ to speak with

"I'd like to speak with a manager" When do we use "speak to" and when do we use "speak with" ? I would be glad if someone could help me. Thanks.


  • Hi,
    Examples :
    - On New Year's Day the President speaks to the citizens on TV and after his address is over he stays for a while to speak with a couple of journalists in an informal conversation.
    - I'd like to speak with you about it. J'aimerais en parler avec vous. J'ai besoin de votre avis.
    - I have to speak to you. Il faut que je vous parle. Soit j'ai un message important pour vous soit je suis fâché contre vous et j'ai deux mots à vous dire.

    I should have said it all in English but sorry I'm just not able to, for the moment. Take care of your eyes, I'm sure they're gorgeous. So I thought you deserved I went the extra mile for you.

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