English Grammar

temps après "while"

" If you just <input style="display: none;" id="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-7014" name="USERVOCREQUEST-7014" value="REQUESTED" type="checkbox"> <label for="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-7014">give me a second</label> <input style="display: none;" id="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-9424" name="USERVOCREQUEST-9424" value="REQUESTED" type="checkbox"> <label for="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-9424">while</label> I <input style="display: none;" id="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-165560" name="USERVOCREQUEST-165560" value="REQUESTED" type="checkbox"> <label for="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-165560">search</label> our <input style="display: none;" id="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-7012" name="USERVOCREQUEST-7012" value="REQUESTED" type="checkbox"> <label for="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-7012">database"</label> <label for="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-7012">In this context, can we say "while I'm searching our database" ?</label> <label for="IDSR-USERVOCREQUEST-7012">Thanks for your replies.</label>


  • Hi blueeyes, It's too difficult to catch your say, because of the tags in your post. If you want to copy and past the text, you should use a simple text editor like Wordpad, or Blocnote, and not a word processing. Thanks !

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