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Hearing of audio files

Hello everybody - I'm really concerned with the oral comprehension of audio files - in particular with feminine voices - I've real difficulty to understand what they are talking about -thus reducing my score at a bad level, although this doesn't bother me at all! I often receive at home visiting American and English people in my city and have no problem to discuss with them, I am also listening to BBC radio in order to get used to audio sound and get it quite well - My question is: do you have any problem with the oral text of GG lessons? Thanks for your attention.


  • Hi Pernelle, I used to have some difficulties to understand the audio files in my lessons, but it has been easier with practice, to the point where I now often catch most of it at the first listening. I've been learning with gg for nearly one year, and I think I get used to the different voices and accents that gymglish provide us. And some of the women's speach are truly specially fast.
    You say you understand easily people talking with you, and I think it's much easier than an audio file, because you are taking part in the conversation. But I find very difficult to understand when listening to radio, when it's full pace and without subtitles. So I'm sure when you have completed some more gymglish lessons you'll do just fine with the audio.
    Have a nice day,
  • Hi Pimpanella - Thank you very much for your answer and encouragement - This morning I got à 54% for a lesson with an audio file from which I didn't understood almost nothing (but the written text was very simple)while with the yesterday lesson, without audio text I've got an 94%! - No matter - I've decided not to worry any more about the scoring since listening to audio is not my priority - except English broadcast like BBC which oddly doesn't give me headache. I've just read you post named "Suggestion" - a very good idea...let's hope... Thanks again - Have a nice Friday

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