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Nice to hear from you Guiseppe The Monk ey,
as long as you are there, I'd like to make a suggestion,
and this is another suggestion by the way, that in the forum we could have a Suggestion section, like the Suggestion Box in our favorite and renowned DC Company.

I'd like to propose a small change about the vocabulary learning : it's obvious for me that we generally know more words from English into French, (or our mother tongue.) This is due to the way we learn a language, we read and listen a lot, but practice much fewer. But the words we know that way are not so easy to find when we speak English. For one hundred words I read or hear that I understand, how many I use when I talk, and write ? Maybe twenty...

And unfortunatly, the learning and reviewing of vocabulary is mainly proposed from English to French, and only a few words are asked "the other way round"

Don't you think this would be a good improvement, to learn all the words or idioms in the two ways ?
And otherwise, just go on like this, we're having fun :)


  • it's a good suggestion, i approve.
  • Pimpannela - Thank you for this suggestion. Very good one indeed...My own difficulty is not using new words but constructing sentences which are not the literal translation from French to English of what I intend to say but sentences written (or oral exchanges) in a good English . From time to time some exercices of translation from French to English would certainly be helpful to us. Have a nice week-end
  • Thanks to both of you, Gwendy and Pernelle. Let's wait and see if Guiseppe can do anything about that. And you're right Pernelle, words are not all, and I see what you mean about constructing sentences which sound English, and not a word for word hardly understandable but by your compatriot. To help the construction to become more natural, the thing is to practice doing our own phrases. But this is difficult with a robot as a corrector, which is waiting for one word or two, and is unable to handle different answers for one question or translation.

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