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la main qui

<span class="transpan"><span style="background-color: white;" id="tran0">You propose as translation of ' do not bite the hand which feeds you ' by ' do not spit in the soup ' here is still our mode to think damaged by your appreciation of our behavior, there is not only the rugby which sets us.</span> <span style="background-color: white;" id="tran1">We would have said ' the self-respect begins with the space of other one ' in this situation in any case.</span> <span style="background-color: white;" id="tran2">Here is a friendly joke cordially jeans louis</span></span>


  • Whouahhh, is it some Volapük language ? May I suggest : if i eat my soup ? what woulld happen ? i will be full up ( i hope) If i spite in my soup? sure, i won't eat it ! But .... if my boss is nasty, i won't say anything , i am shy, because he is the source of my soup ! so, i don' spite in my soup. in french : ne mord pas la main qui te nourrit.
  • <span class="transpan"><span style="background-color: white;" id="tran0">Bravo, I did not know this expression ' Volapük ' you are right but the idioms are like that that they lost their sense(direction), they are dust of idea but I am again willing to cook in my hand amitiés </span></span>
  • I like very much gymglish but it the first time i'm write and it's difficult. But i want to tray for progressing. See you soon
  • i'm a loser in english .Help please
  • Wendy, you can't be a loser in English, you're trying so hard. I thought about a website for you. It's free, you will find many things too easy and simple for you, as it's for young kids to learn to read, but English kids. But you can still learn words and how to pronunce them, specially if you go on part 2 and 3, IT'S FUN TO READ, and I'M READING. If you want to give a try : http://www.starfall.com/

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