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Humour and respect

Hello Gymglish, I have been working my English with your method since 2010 and roughly I am very pleased about it. You're doing a really great job! Especially, humour and funny situations are very powerful to reduce feeling of working during our lessons. However, respect is important, particularly respect of religious belief. So, I would thank you very much if you didn't laugh or speak about Pope, Christians, Rabbi, Jews, Mohammed or Imam. I do think there are enough funny situations in working and day-to-day environment observations. To sum up: make sure you don't hurt personal belief but continue to mix fun and work and thanks again for the great job you are doing.


  • We were in the midst of the topic...
    Let the freedom of expression win !
    Je suis Charlie.
  • I agree with  you Alain when you say that all can be discussed. I believe that one can laugh about almost everything, that is to say, there are some very unfunny parts in the world and in life that can't make anybody laugh.
    But I wonder why beliefs are so touchy,  there are only beliefs ;)  Laugh is not direspect, it's a perspective that shows things otherwise, and often it helps.
    And I guess I'm sorted out with teenagers for humour, because I like the humour of gymglish.
    Happy new year to you all with gymglish !
  • and in addition to that don't talk about politics, about women, tax havens... and so on. Only good weither (not bad weither). Have you ever hear about freedom???
    Humour and funny: I beg to differ. It is very poor and not very well done. Only for young teenages. It is not a training for adults. I'm sorry you but I feel free to discuss about what I want.

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