English Vocabulary

to make a decision or to take a decision

What's more common? to make a decision or to take a decision?


  • What's more common? to make a decision or to take a decision?
  • Hi, and thank you Thierry !
    Just a little point too : when you explain what decision you choose, you use 'THE decision'; if not, you use 'A decision'. With 'Take', it's always 'THE decision', because the choice/selection is always specified.
    Example : I had to make a decision between cheese and dessert. I made the decision to sell my car.
  • It is always make a decision. The decision involves making your mind up. I am attempting to learn French. Aprendre Francais. Would anyone need help with their English in return for helping me with my French. By email? psg2000@gmail.com
  • Hi Idoine91, Thanks for the clarification. I'd like also to point out that my answer was a quotation of my daily lesson... My English level doesn't allow me this kind of explanation ! Nice day to you
  • Hi too..., My lesson of the day : ---- Note: To make a decision plutôt que to take a decision. Même si to take a decision existe en anglais (en particulier britannique), cette construction provient d'un gallicisme; elle n'est que très rarement employée (et reflète plutôt l'idée de choix parmi plusieurs décisions à prendre). Ainsi utilisez plutôt to MAKE a decision, véritable équivalent du français 'prendre une décision': I made the decision to sell the company. J'ai pris la décision de vendre l'entreprise. After interviewing all the applicants, we took the decision to hire the second candidate. Après avoir reçu tout le monde en entretien, nous avons pris la décision d'engager le deuxième candidat. ---- TG

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