May Day.
In my opinion it's the most important holiday we celebrate around the year. The May Day is the less religious annual commemoration. It's celebrating the working class, whatever Jean-Marie Le Pen tries to make it a Jeanne d'Arc's celebration.
I said the less religious because it couldn't help rooting inside the historical spring celebration: people celebrated the onset of May, the month that sees the Earth reaching itself ready to burgeon to its maximum capacity.
it must be said that the New-Year is also religion-rooted because our calendar has been built up on Christian cultural going on of the year.
French translation of May Day: fête du travail.

I need to send out a mayday on this May Day.
[Mayday in one word is the English phonetic homonym of the French M'aider. It has been chosen for an SOS meaning that the sender of a mayday needs an urgent help. For instance an airplane which has lost an engine but is still able to proceed to a diversion airport has to send out a message starting with a triple "pan". If the breakdown is as serious as preventing it from joining any airfield, it will send a message starting with a triple "mayday". The same goes for ships.]

Let's come to the point: Mayday, mayday, mayday.
We are in great danger of war.
In France Jean-Marie drew a crowd to celebrate Jeanne d'Arc the warrior.
In UK the Daily Telegraph runs about the controversial issue of women at war or not women at war.
The war itself is obviously "allant-de-soi".
We are in danger.
The enemies are not new ones: religions (examples: Darfour, Islamist terrorist attacks) and imperialism (examples: Afghanistan, Iraq).

What's cheering me up yet, it's the fact that The Daily Telegraph deals with a serious topic. It is used to ape tabloids namely by talking about global warming through the words and deeds of prince Charles. I don't care of princes of any kind.

But the climate change is a serious topic yet.
Living with global warming is a stressing issue.

It's bad for poor developing countries:
deserts will stretch out endlessly through Africa;
lack of water, and whatnot.

It's good for Northern developed countries:
vineyards are about to thrive in Belgium;
booms are expected at Baltic beaches which are to remove the Mediterranean resorts;
big companies expertising in building desalination plants are going to cash in;
and all the best for big biz...

Mayday, mayday, mayday. Developing countries population is destined to death.

Notwithstanding this mayday sending, I wish you had a glorious May Day.