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Who wants to play making haïkus with me ? Those short poems of three verses, the middle one is generaly longer than the two others, (I've sometimes read that the first must be of 5 feet, the second of 7, and the third of 5, but let's not be too rigid...) And please be indulgent, I've hardly made half a dozen in French, and this is my first in English, suggestions for improvement would be a plus !

bright and cold blue sky
greens and yellows of a child's drawing
spring is all around

Whose turn ?


  • Thank you for your descrete but genuine appreciation, I'm feeling encouraged ;)
    Here is another one :

    The century-old apple tree
    watches us through the window
    of the second floor
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  • Oh Pampanella You're a real enigma Full of charisma
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  • What a damned writing system! Just deceiving! Sorry Pampanella
  • Searching for verses
    but my brain seems awash
    in that relentless (stubborn ? enduring ? fucking ?) rain.

    Thank you, AhQ :)
  • Your brain isn't awash by anything but good ideas, Pimpanella. Would you tell me how you manage to start on a new line. Thanks in advance.
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  • Hi, I agree with you AhQ. Input some lines with a correct page setting on this forum is an achievement ! Have a nice day.

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