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Who wants to play making haïkus with me ? Those short poems of three verses, the middle one is generaly longer than the two others, (I've sometimes read that the first must be of 5 feet, the second of 7, and the third of 5, but let's not be too rigid...) And please be indulgent, I've hardly made half a dozen in French, and this is my first in English, suggestions for improvement would be a plus !

bright and cold blue sky
greens and yellows of a child's drawing
spring is all around

Whose turn ?

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  • I am sincerely sorry Gwendy. Courage GL
  • Raining for three days now There would be sun eventually And coming along, the rainbow
  • Haïku for my husband : Autumn is coming Flowers of death are shining Life is in my mind
  • A true thank to you two.
  • Empty are the tears A blue eye open on death This spring is so sad Sorry to be so sad, my husband died in may Gwen-Vic

  • Dark night on its way,

    like ugly shades of my very own,

    will disappear in love's light.
  • One night you slipped into my dream Since then I'm engrossed with you Living in my dreams
  • rain this morning/ ice rink / on the winter roads
  • Maybe death is just
    an elswhere and otherwise
    a page to be turned

    I like this poeme from William Blake, about death :
  • Wow, I'm very sorry for you too, Gwen. As little as I know you, I feel we are part of something, in this forum, and I wish we could help. That's no empty words, and tears are necessery, may they seem useless. Courage

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