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Who wants to play making haïkus with me ? Those short poems of three verses, the middle one is generaly longer than the two others, (I've sometimes read that the first must be of 5 feet, the second of 7, and the third of 5, but let's not be too rigid...) And please be indulgent, I've hardly made half a dozen in French, and this is my first in English, suggestions for improvement would be a plus !

bright and cold blue sky
greens and yellows of a child's drawing
spring is all around

Whose turn ?

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  • The crash happened in which flying simulator ? X-plane, Flight Simulator or even one of those open world games ?
    Beside this man is likely dead.
    Does it Worth the ride ?
  • A gargantuan monster
    Fire his flame thrower
    Ashes swirl down
  • I'm always monologizing myself. I can try to acknowledge à third party. You're welcome. I'm also bad at poestry but the real problem is that I use my bit of poestry art to play while it really deserves a thorough care. In the other hand when I do something with care, I do it bad :-) I think I'd better keep on having fun and like à rapper, use the words to stun yo!
  • Too excited to see there was a post added to the Haïkus thread when it had not been updated for aeons. Haïku is poestry shaped like a nice bonzaï, very teasing. Moreover the bare word Haïku refers to a book I borrowed to my city's library which beared some sensual verses from the beginning of this art back in the antic
    Japan. Speaking about video game, while there are a bunch of them wherein the action takes place in the rising sun country or are designed by teams working there I don't remember of one dealing with Haïkus.
  • The one where I jumped down your helicopter and rushed into the jungle looking for a shelter. I think we should all thank Eazer the great Dreamweaver.
  • So what's up here?
    I have been kept away from this forum for quite long, dealing with many matters, like having fun, working a bit, growing older, contributing moving the world forward (modestly ;-)  but I never  forgot my gymglish fellow learners.
    I've tried to make a haïku about immensity but I failed, is it that haiku is too short a form of poetry for immensity? What's your mind, someone want's to give it a try?
  • Hey, spectacular vision and lovely lyrics, Scrooge!
    You should keep this thread updated now and then...
  • a plane crashed caused grief
    to mountains and families
    life moves on
  • I'm sorry Bamf but I don't understand much of what you are saying here. Are you refering to video games or so ? And... is there a kind of haïku form that I can't see ? Maybe you don't understand neither what I am writing, haïkus are so short says. Moreover I'm not good at poestry. And so we're monologizing each of us...
  • A  D-AIPX registered A320
    twenty-four aged
    on March twenty-four crashed
    a mad man wanted

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