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Bruno and his statue

I don't agree with the choice of the right answer this time, although I usually perceive it as very acute when the question is ambiguous :
They want us to mark as right the sentence : "The sculptor and Brian are planning to build a statue that is taller than Bruno in real life."
But what the sculptor says to Brian in the text is : "So you want a 3-meter high statue of Bruno Delavigne – made out of glass! Are you serious? "
The only fact that he says "are you serious ?" shows that he doesn't believe in this idea at all, and moreoever, he explains then to Brian that glass is too brittle for a statue. So I wouldn't say that both of them are planning to build this statue out of glass. Would you ?

But my point is just a pretext to talk about Bruno ;) I love Bruno, this character who is in the same time wise, sensible, adult and modest, and sometimes acts very childish, and big headed.
I love his sense of humour, it reminds me of my brother's. His idea of making a statue of himself could be from my brother, and the way he presents it to Brian as well : he makes several options for Brian to choose one, to celebrate the 30 years of selling perfumes, and writes "I'm open to all those options, as long as it is the statue" ;)
(Other example of his irony : "If Greek tragedy has taught us anything (apart from the fact that we shouldn't sleep with our mothers)" I like that... )
Even the end of the story (I don't want to unveil it for those who didn't read it yet) could make sense with my brother's ways.


  • I like Bruno too. He's certainly the most pleasant of all characters in the story although he has also many faults. For example when he's in London with Bryan to attend the Perfume Forum. I must recognize that his words during the congress are wonderful and attest his class but not his behaviour, neither in the cab nor in the tube where he always compares the habits and speaking ways beetween England and America.
  • What if Bruno was ecentric ? He could give orders to erect a statue of himself dedicated Stink and all his fellows to celebrate him everyday along with the folk passing by of course.
  • I don't know if you meant egocentric, or eccentric. But Bruno is not really planning to have his statue built, this is what I love with him. He just plays with the idea, like one can play the film where people cry for one's own burial.

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