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Questioning bilingual translations

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  • Hi Idoine - Thanks a lot for this interesting site - an additional help when it's somewhat difficult to translate some proverbs.
  • Hi Idoine91 - Thank you for your answer - The lesson is "An Eye for an Eye" Scene 1/8 - Kevin says 'I won't be able to see for four to six hours....I'll essentially be blind" - in French we would say "je serai incapable de voir pendant 4 à 6 heures....Je serai pratiquement aveugle" - "essentiellement" cannot be used in this context, I mean in its French version. As mentioned by Pimpanella at the beginning of this page they are many different uses of words and GG is helpful for this exercice.
  • Hi Pimpanella- reading that you are feeling alone on this post I'am posting here ma question about a recent word translation received with my latest lesson - that is "essentially" blind translated as "essentiellement" - In French we would not say "essentiellement" aveugle (blind) but rather "en réalité or "en fait je suis aveugle" - So I would like to know if "essentially" has other meaningsr usages in english than the French word "essentiellement". Could you help me please? Thanks in advance - have a nice week end
  • Yeah... Another of these words that have lots of meanings and would not have an equivalent in French... See this for various uses : <a href="http://www.babla.fr/anglais-francais/essentially#tr">www.babla.fr/anglais-francais/essentially#tr</a>
  • Hi Pernelle, "En fait" or "en réalité" would be "actually"... I don't remember this lesson, could you please write the complete sentence, for me to grasp the meaning ? Thanks. ;)
  • Thank Pernelle for your company, and for keeping the ball rolling... Like you and Idoine were writing, "essentially" here could be replaced by almost, nearly, practically or virtually. I'll take a look on blabla site, I often use Linguee, it gives examples of translations taken in many different contexts.
    Nice weekend to both of you.
  • One more ghost... I feel lonely don't you AhQ ? Maybe this place is driving me crazy, I hear voices when there aren't and I I'm self talking. Kind of depressing, if I needed so.
  • Hi Bruno, I wouldn't say that the vocabulary is "simply translated" in our lessons. There are many explanations in English, many examples, and different uses of the words we learn. And there are some translations as well. Sometimes it helps to get a more acurate understanding of a word. I feel that mixing different methods is the best we can have, people understand things in different ways, you'll remember what means more to you.
    But I totally agree with you to your point about the pronunciation, the phonetic transcription is simple to add and would be usefull.
  • This post was deleted by the author 9 years, 8 months ago.

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