English Grammar

the temporal subordinate clause 2 (Sérane)

<div class="box exercise-box"><strong>Here's the exercise: </strong><strong>Conjugate the verbs in the blanks below with the correct form of the verb.</strong> <strong>Bob</strong>: Do you <input name="BRAM31245" autocomplete="off" maxlength="70" size="8" title="to know" value="to know" type="text"> when Luna will be coming back to work? She's been out sick for a week now. <strong>Susie</strong>: Well, I <input name="BRAM31246" autocomplete="off" maxlength="70" size="12" title="to tell" value="to tell" type="text"> you as soon as I see her. Everyone's wondering when she <input name="BRAM31247" autocomplete="off" maxlength="70" size="20" title="to return" value="to return" type="text">. <strong>Bob</strong>: I'm afraid that by the time she <input name="BRAM31248" autocomplete="off" maxlength="70" size="8" title="to get" value="to get" type="text"> back, my birthday will be over. <span style="display: block;" class="idontknow"> <input name="IDONTKNOW30333" id="IDONTKNOW30333" value="checked" type="checkbox"><label for="IDONTKNOW30333"> <span class="dontknowchoice">I don't know</span></label></span> <div class="clear-both"> <div class="clear">


  • Hi Sérane, According my English grammar book (" La grammaire anglaise au collège avec exercices et corrigés " de Serge Berland-Delépine aux éditions Ophrys ) , quote : Mais quand when est un adverbe interrogatif (= à quel moment), il peut être suivi de n'importe quel temps, y compris le futur. When will they arrive ? Quand arriveront-ils ? I don't know when they will arrive (interrogation indirecte). Je ne sais pas quand ils arriveront. unquote Nice day to you, Sérane
  • Thank you, Thierry. I didn't this difference between the interrogative pronoun when (or relative) and the subordinating conjunction.
  • Omission: I didn't know this difference etc.

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