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Bear with me....

Hi there.. Anyone to help with this one ? TGIF ! See you guys ! Trifle


  • Oups, I think I misunderstood your question, you were asking for "bear with me" not TGIF ?
    I have read the content, not the title.
    Well, it only remains for me to search for a meaning to "bear with me"...

    For what I found, it seems to be used to ask for comprehension, or support, or patience from an audience. If you care to take a look here :

    And yes, today is Friday ! ;)
  • Well, by chance I learnt in my last lesson this acronym, which means Thank God It's Friday.
    I don't like Fridays more than other days, but the idiom seems essential, for what I see in every Fridays's gg lesson.

    We could have this in French too, for the not less ritual answer to the Monday morning's question :
    - Comment ça va ?
    - CUL (comme un lundi)
    Uh, that sounds not good ;) !!

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