English Vocabulary

Isabelle, Horatio's personal assistant

Is a personal assistant a gift of less than $ 10?! This lesson is really far-fetched.


  • Sérane, we cannot guess which far-fetched lesson you're referring to. Maybe your notion of "personal assistant" doesn't match the usual meaning. A personal assistant is a person who assists another one in their tasks, often in a business field. Would you be so kind as to tell us more about the context of the point at issue? Read you soon?
  • At the Delavigne Christmas party, the staff members give to each other presents of less than $ ten, for example a tie, a voodoo doll, a statuette. But Horation receives a real intern!
  • Thank you for informing me, Serane. So far I haven't ever been invited to the Delavigne Christmas party.

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