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An unhappy Frenchman

For the third time you mention that"Jean will not take a shower" the other day that Frenchmen doesn't wash themselves every day!!!!It is intolerate to have to read these non sense in an English lesson.I am following "Gymglish since four years and this time I really feel unhappy. Still with my best regards


  • Mind you, Bumblebee! I know some schizophrenic here around. All of them take everything seriously.
  • Bumble bee, where have you been till now ? Gymglished for four years, more than eight hundred lessons, and here you're are on the forum only now !!
    Don't worry about Jean, he is kind of... freak, but there are many like him everywhere...
  • I aggree with you, Bumble bee . In my opinion, Gymglish tries so hard to be always funny what pretty often ends in dumb, prejudiced or even brutal jokes.

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