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a couple days in London

Last week, we'd been in London. We were eating out and the baramn give at all the tables a gift. It was a paper crown and a little blue frog. Who know this nice tradition ? Can you explain us ? There were a paper with joke. Why did the orange take a prune to the Chrismas party ? and an another What did Cinderella say when her photos didn't arrive on time ? Have you got the answer <EM>? We've got the answer but we don't understand the english joke. </EM>


  • Hi apple tree The Second, That's fine to spend a couple of days in London. All the more fine as you ate out in one of those posh Blue Frog Bars. In Blue Frog Bars it's customary that the waiter hands a widget out to the tables, a widget looking like a little blue frog. If a paper crown went with, it's for sure to convince you that you're nothing but a paper king. You said that there were "a paper with joke". What makes you think that were jokes? That the orange takes a prune, is it really a British pun? About Cinderella, as there are dozens of dozens of Cinderellas through tales, movies, operas and whatever, I'll stick to my own Cinderella to venture this answer: When she realized that her photos didn't arrive on time, she got cross and said "A tart got ahead of me. I'm gonna con her. I have another slipper left that will slip on over on her."

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