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My word of the day

A new year won't change the world but we might choose to change our mind about the world.


  • It is best to make a second step as a new step, not as we have learned to take the first one.
  • Were the first two days a mistake, experience is what keeps us from doing it a third time around.
  • Don't stay clueless about yourself. A clue of your character consists of what you do on the fourth try. (Nothing but a clue! A reliable clue or a crafty one? Take everything with a pinch of doubt.)
  • Wow! Fifth step yet. It's high time we gave high-five. (Are we short of a finger, let's invent the high-four.)
  • As far as steps are concerned, this is an Arab proverb: A sense of humour is the pole that adds balance to our steps as we walk the tight rope of life.
  • The truth is that we needn't sustain a seven-day-a-week learning schedule. We make do with a five-day-a-week at the most because all GymGlish learners are clever clogs.
  • If you were worn out by a hard workout all the first seven days of the year long, take a Huitième Jour. Do it like Harry in the movie. Harry is such a hard workaholic that he gets alienated from his children. Is it by chance, he takes an Eighth Day after one of his usual seven-day-a-week workout. The eighth day turns his life upside down. A workaholic turns a human being. But any GymGlish learner is supposed to be a human being. They needn't take a Huitième Jour because they aren't alcoholic, just inclined to have a frolic.
  • Nothing lifts me up as high as cloud nine but the GymGlish world.
  • January 10 - Ten to zen. One out of the ten is laissez-faire in daily life.

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