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A new year won't change the world but we might choose to change our mind about the world.

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  • Is the truth in the real or in the meaning we give the real?
  • Space-time is a mathematical model to try to understand the world. If time is said the fourth dimension and not one of the first three, it's because Euclid had already told time from space. But the real in itself has nothing to do with our way of splitting it up in our process of understanding. Any of the four dimensions can't ever go without the three others. Universe is a whole.
  • Jan. 21 - Would you like to visualize the Fourth Dimension? Do it Albert Einstein's way. "Take a point, stretch into a line, curl it into a circle, twist it into a sphere, punch through the sphere." Funny popularizer the Albert !
  • I would not be without being a being-in-the-world.
  • Jan. 23 - I can't make the world. The world makes me.
  • Jan. 24 - As the phenomenologist Hannah Arendt put it, "Men, not Man, live on the earth and inhabit the world."
  • Jan. 25 - Don't ever label anyone. Once you label them, you belie them. (This is not true for the Delavigne's characters that are intentionally labelled for life.)
  • Jan. 26 - As said Pablo Picasso, "to copy others is necessary, but to copy oneself is pathetic." I'd say that to copy others is what we are bound to do but also what we should put into question. Copying oneself is the narrowest way of copying others.
  • Jan. 27 - We can't help being copycats even though we try to be Makers.
  • Jan. 28 - All looks yellow to a jaundiced eye. (Alexander Pope quoted)

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