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A new year won't change the world but we might choose to change our mind about the world.

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  • Well , I must say you made me giggle ...amazing level ...congratulations !
  • AhQ ['a: kiu] said

    A new year won't change the world but we might choose to change our mind about the world.

      I like it
  • Jan. 31 - The best angle from which to approach a * * *problem is * * * ... * * *... Someone is knocking at the door. It's AhQ's other self whispering: "Hey, dude, are you going to keep on talking aloud all alone? As for the first day of this month you've been doing do. No one in this lounge is listening to you." ./. AhQ: "Don't you forget green lemon who came on and told I was right?" ./. AhQ's other self: "Green lemon is a good person - 'une bonne âme' as French say - and wanted to comfort you. No, dude, nobody is listening to you. Didn't you turn schizo?" ./. AhQ: "If all earthlings were shizophrenic, scores of words like quarrel and war could be scrapped of from dictionaries." ./. AhQ's other self : "No one hasn't ever listened to you but everyone is hearing you and is getting bothered by the noise you make." ./. AhQ: "I can't believe it" ./. AhQ's other self: "Say, dude, you had better shut up." ./. AhQ stays wordless. From the opposite side of the lounge he can overhear "Good riddance to bad rubbish." But AhQ has been practising doubt for a whole month and thinks for himself it could as well go the other way around: Bad riddance to good store.
  • Jan. 30 - Aristotle had already put that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". The meaning of something doesn't amount to any of its components but only to the whole. That's true for anything from a maths formula to an emotion. Sartre explained it in his essay "Esquisse d'une théorie des émotions".
  • Jan. 29 - Our consciousness is constantly dealing with phenomenons. Philosophers call phenomenon anything that shows up in the consciousness. All phenomenons are instantly fit with a meaning. Most meanings are a prioris. To get rid of a prioris, we can break down the phenomenon into parts (a way of analysing it) and then put back the parts together to open the way to other new meanings.

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