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"Rate this episode"

Hello, in some episodes, at the end of the lesson, there is a "Rate this episode" section, where I can choose how many star I will give to the episode. However, I was wondering what it does actually mean. This is not a question of vocabulary, as I understand the word "rate", it is more a question of what you expect: am I supposed to rate the episode according to the level of difficulty for me, or depending on whether I enjoyed it? Thank you for your answer, I hope that you understand what I ask for… Best


  • As for me, Maëlle, I am used to rating an episode according to the interest I take in it. As I like episodes with audio, the latter are given a full basket of stars. I thing that every learner is free to take the proposal of rating as they like. So the meaning of the rating is not in the proposal itself but rather at the reader's discretion. That's only my opinion. - By the way how did you use to star the episodes so far?
  • I love the Delavigne adventure and it's also my Gymglish coach so for me it's always more or less 5 stars. I call it the Easy Rater syndrome.
  • I am jubilant. Gymglish machine has just told me that I am a master of English because the score of 100% I've got today in the lesson 293
  • <span class="correct">Brian has appointments or meetings with Luna, Susie, Donna and Polly. On behalf Gymglish this sentence is the good one, for me it's false because in this lesson Brian had no appointment with Polly </span>

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