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Diablo 2

Horatio meet Diablo (playing with myself ho ho ho, will u find out a single fault ? )

Horatio's head is on fire this morning. Three weeks ago he made the wish to not swallow a single glass of alcoholic drinks anymore. Now he makes another wish to not break the first one.
He woke-up and took a taxi in a hurry to eventually get into his laboratory 1 hour late. There was a parcel on his messy research desk.
The last order of exotic elements he made on a weird website which he could never reach a second time.

He is always looking for new ingredients to blend for a breaking ground Delavigne product and during one of these search on the internet he clicked on a popup that had popped up from another popup window so that he doesn't even remember the link label.

On this site he felt an amusing feeling when he saw names of creatures or places he had never neither heard nor read of.
He gave a glance at the product and filled his basket hazardously. After all you never know where the success lies as saying Bruno and anyway the order placed for the Delavigne research were always reimburse by the company so he confirmed the order with confidence.
The package bore none of the delivery service tag he was used to.
The Blizzard Vault.Inside he found the following list and the articles were very safely compartimented.
5 ethereal rocks from the Stony Field,
A phial of marrow from Fallen Shaman spine,
A phial of mixed Baaĺ's brothers ashes,
Some powder of Mishapen horn.
There was also a little dusty book in leather and a nice golden hollow box that bore a single button to, Horatio quickly gathered, mix all the ingredient together.
The book bore a few recipes to use the box with Stuffs available only from the Tristram Vineyard Company.
One was easy enough. It was written to simply put each phials and stones in the box and hit the Transmute button.

So he did...

Someone know what's coming next? I don't remember.

I play Diablo 2 on but I don't know most of the heroes however I think it must be great to be in a guild.
I'm looking for heroes to play over the net not necessarily on Battle'net but also with Hamachi or via TCP/IP for D2 LoD or Commandos from Eidos, STRs... It's not a gaming forum but as I play in English it could be part of the course ? Someone mad enough ?


  • He fetched the cubic box and turned it upside down between his hands. The small mixing device wasn't too heavy despite his minéral look.He quicly found a kind of handle on one side. He pulled on it with no result then push while rotating clockwise and the side slides out as would a drawer. He placed the phials and all in each squared slot and slid off the drawer.
    Now, to push the button. Things getting harder thought Horatio.
    He put the box on his desk and was about to hit the button when flashed a skull drawn the time of a glint meanwhile hearing a whisper saying something he didńt understand.
    An in-need alcoholic sight he thought. I need something, a tonic drink.Moreover the moment was so exciting. He gave à fist on the starter.
    The full rainbow colors spectrum shone through the box interstices along with hissing noises while the box performed the blending and once all activity seemed over he opened the drawer. There only remained the five stones but now embossed with funny signs. He became more and more eager to have it done but he realized that he didńt even know what to do with them and the recipe didn't mention it. He widely opened the book at the recipe page and the last line ended up with a sharp character which meant, as it's written at the bottom of the sheet, to check the last part of the book (chapter Stones patterns) to get a reminder about the stone configuration available and the result to be awaited for.
  • This kind of rune stone could be of many use depending on their numbers, colors, borne sign, pattern we gave them and numerical order they had in this pattern. They could bring a jigsaw for baby as well as opening an ethereal passage. But all configurations shared à common rule: stones had to be East oriented. Horatio's set was 5 gray palm-sized stones. Such strange geometrical shapes were by far out of Horatio's fancy and maybe even of the human knowledge gathered so far. He could only rely on his eyes to get the most accurate comparison between the drawn pictures and his stones signs. He chose a Town Portal Pattern on the many configuration drawn. The mere idea of simultaneous dimensions made his lips strenghtened out but, Hell, he always felt himself a bit of a boundaries buster as Marco Polo, Magellan or Frank Cotton. There were lots of destination as well as different stone configuration. Tristram with cross-lines that made a 5 branch star, Seram with 3 columns withing a hexagon , Kehjan with triangle with à circle on top of it and so many others list gave him a dizzy feeling. He chose the first one. As the product came from this town it's likely to home their warehouse too. He put the stones according to the picture but nothing happened.
  • The laboratory operator frowned at the problem, stood up and leaned back on the desk now looking toward the east wall of the office where were stacked up the cages of his test-monkeys. There he saw Giuseppe behind the wire netting gazing at him with an inquirringly look. Have an idea, champ? Horatio asked which drawn a hilarious smile on the primate face while he started a kind of noisy spinning dance. He then understood that he would hardly find the right angle without à compass but the last one he owned was the one that had offered him his grand father for his 6th birthday back in the Amazonian forest. However he knew with certainty he shall find one in the numerous offices of Treasure Trove Tower. He stepped out of his laboratory heading first to Luna's office.
  • Nineteen hour out of a day Giuseppe is stuck in his jail.Horatio only let him out for testing perfumes that strongly stunk or to make fun thing while his dates or watching TV.Whatever the matter was it was always in the laboratory.He loved watching moving pictures.Once he saw Planet of the Apes where he saw his one and only hero.He who managed to handle the lock of his cage to break free and led the others to revolution against pity humans...But he's not like Him and all his dreams of freedom fly away along with the captivity years. When Horatio went out he slid a prehensile paw out the net and catch many bars nervously trying to heave them up. Why this time the net bust open and let him jump down the floor he will probably never know.Despite his heroic dream he forgot the others as soon as he was out heading toward the desk where he saw those strange lights. He jumped up the desk and landed in the middle of the five stones.All these tools to open coconut surely meant a great amount of these fruits somewhere.He grab each one and didn't mind the way he dropped'em nor he noticed the glowing line that began to tie the stones in a kind of ligthing link around him.

    Horation found Luna in the middle of an interview for a factotum post.The postulant was nervous and so was Luna.
  • In my opinion, Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 are completely different games. It's different, for example, the online trading system, which in Diablo 3 is de facto forbidden.
    By the restrictions imposed by the manufacturers, powerleveling looks completely different than powerleveling in diablo 2. I recommend to both these games
  • I still don't know D1 exhaustively needless to tell about D2 and therefore D3 :-)
    Whatever D2 is a great hack nd slash allied to a fair RPG system. It's ,y level.
    Can you tell me more about
    It's about paying a fee to find a player?.
    For every game ?

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