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Lesson The Casual Friday Controvers y 1/3

Hi ! I'm not sure but I think that there is a mistake on this lesson. The conversation is the next one : Polly: Yes, Icarus. It's called 'Casual Fridays'. Everyone is allowed to wear jeans and a tee-shirt, or whatever they prefer. Icarus: Yes, that's right, 'Casual Fridays'. Well, the problem, err, the issue, is that every Friday, following work, my presence is required at a local accountancy club, where formal attire is preferred, so I have been, by default of course, excluded from participation in this pleasant inter-office ritual. Polly: I'm sorry to hear that Icarus. What would you like to do? Icarus: Perhaps we can have the day changed? After, I had a question choose the false statements. On my correction it's said that the false statement was "Polly has a problem with Casual Dress Day". I don't understand the correction, is it really a mistake or do I miss something ? Thanks for your help!


  • Isn't it Icarus who has a problem with casual dress days?
  • It's also what i think ...
  • Elea, Elea, sorry to interfere but I think that you can't write "i" this way. You always have to use a capital "I". I'd like to have an explanation for that specificity by the way...
  • Hi Miss. I'd just like to point out that Elea Elea used a capital letter in her first post on 13 Feb. 2014. On late october 14th, she used i, maybe by a slip on the key or intentionally, as if she were writing a texto.
    I hadn't ever asked why 'I' got written with a capital letter. Following your remark, I looked for it and found a well informed explanation by a certain Sue (Susan53) on a thread on The article is too long to be copied out here. Go on or type "I capital letter" on your search engine. That's quite interesting.

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