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he do't agree your correction

<span class="correct-explanation">your correction"This statement is false. Although Jean begins by saying 'Please take a seat. Anywhere you like', he quickly shouts 'no!', and tells Brian that he cannot sit in a certain chair. To 'allow' someone to do something is to 'let' or 'permit them to' do it. Since Jean doesn't let Brian sit in a particular chair, we can say that he doesn't 'allow' his guests to sit wherever they like." This statement is right becaue it's only after choosing his seat "</span><span class="correct-explanation">Please take a seat. Anywhere you like" that Brian says "not this one !"so the first proposition is well :</span> <span class="correct-explanation">"Please take a seat. Anywhere" and my answer is correct </span>


  • I don't really know what you're looking for ? make a mistake is to improve , hey hey !

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