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Tracking Vocabulary, a growing trouble

I have actually 6000+ Vocabulary in the Pedagogy tab of my Workbook which takes more or less 5 sec to load with adsl2. Impressive for a page only filled with text, isn't it?. But the loading time is not the object of my request. While reading these expressions it would be great to kwow which lesson each one comes from to remind the context which I think is better to remember the definition. Each sentence could bear a Href tag to the lesson.Is there already an option to trigger it ? Can it be done in a way or another ? by the way I'll write it down myself . knowing that the Vocab' list length increase quickly over the lesson... brainstorming in sight !


  • For example I have the expression "TA TA" within my list and, though it might be vain, I would really get the context of this quote of Brian Jones.

  • I won't be able to answer to everyone but I'll do my best.
  • Hi, Picsou. Jo is 12. He is living in a remote country, the Province of Luxemburg faraway in Belgium. It's a lonely land. If it was down under it would be called the outback. It's no bush there , nothing but rocks, trees and mostly weeds. Jo's elder brother decided to escape that prison of ennui (by the way he is a GymGlish learner) and take a long vacation in a spa resort. As he left, the father told him "Farewell", the mother told him "so long" and Jo just said "ta-ta".
  • based on true events ? :-) So, Ta ta 's a kind of multi-meaning expression for "Good bye" or "Whatever, I don't mind" ? Anyway I keep seeking through my lessons to see where it appears and thus gather the most accurate knowledge from the gist of the story. Thank you !
  • <strong>Ta ta!</strong>: A bientôt! Tchao! On a certain side I wasn't too far.
  • Hi, Picsou,
    there's a way to get from the words to the episode, I just tried. It's not as simple as if there were a tag or whatever you said, but it's a solution.
    You must open the pdf document of the episodes in your workbook, (you can go and make yourself a coffe in the meantime ;) and then open a search window (ctrl f). Type "ta ta", and you'll find out it was said by Brian Jones, yes, as he was leaving a message on Bruno's voicemail.
    Be that as it may, AhQ's stories give nice examples of use, out of Delavigne Corp world !
    Ta ta !
  • It rocks! I had begun to review each lesson and its vocabulary! I must be bête et méchant. I did get a drink while the server was building a pdf of 952 pages but it wasn't coffe. Your tips runs also with mere water in a yellow plastic Tupperware bottle. I wanted to find RISE AND SHINE.It's used in various movies.I've quickly found it. Thank you.
  • It's really a cleaver way to perform these type of search with all the helper, search filter/option that are available in Adobe Reader. What a good idea of mine! To add something suitable I wonder why there's a link to build a pdf of the episodes but not for the Funky Friday. However it would be great to search vocabulary occurrence in these story too. Wouldn't it?

  • However I was not long to find an exception searching A BOARDING PASS. Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn't find a match for the entire expression but reports a few results on the word PASS alone. Precisely because I've quickly encountered this no-result-request I think that unfortunately it's not the only one.
    I shall keep on reviewing each lesson as I firstly started to.
    Stop crying out loud... it remains a good issue.

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