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Tracking Vocabulary, a growing trouble

I have actually 6000+ Vocabulary in the Pedagogy tab of my Workbook which takes more or less 5 sec to load with adsl2. Impressive for a page only filled with text, isn't it?. But the loading time is not the object of my request. While reading these expressions it would be great to kwow which lesson each one comes from to remind the context which I think is better to remember the definition. Each sentence could bear a Href tag to the lesson.Is there already an option to trigger it ? Can it be done in a way or another ? by the way I'll write it down myself . knowing that the Vocab' list length increase quickly over the lesson... brainstorming in sight !

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  • So far the PDF opens after a small cup of coffee.Next year it will take a full thermos.What for later ? every user shall begin to collect coffee.
  • Hi, Put double quote around the words like this : "a boarding pass"

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