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Dear Gymglish storytellers, My 3 year subscription is coming to an end next week. I can't say how much I have enjoyed the ride of daily exercises with Gymglish. For me it is not so much about the fact that it helps me to learn English vocabulary, it is more about the fun. I think the dialogs are beautifully written. Now Gymglish suggests that I renew my subscription, possibly for another 3 year. My question is: is there enough lessons readily available in your database that will keep feeding me up with hilarious stories on a daily basis for another 480 lessons ? Many thanks Yours gymglishfully, Jean-Joseph


  • Bonjour, Jean-Joseph. I just want to tell you that two odd years ago I exhausted the stock of lessons, stories and jokes of the GymGlish. I've been nominated "friend for life". That means that I keep getting vocabulary, grammar points and Funky Friday stories. That's for life and for free. As I'm not living in an English speaking environment, it a good way to keep in touch.

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