English Vocabulary

A New Intern: Paola Meets Polly

First question about "to be able to" , and "could no"t and "can't." I am sorry but in your correction, you ask the pupil to correct your error. When you write : "<span class="explain"></span> 'Luna doesn't know how to swim' expresses that Luna never learned how to swim. However, in the context of Polly's question she is not asking Kevin if Luna ever learned how to swim. Polly is asking Kevin why Luna 'wasn't able to' swim or what 'prevented Luna from swimming'. So you mean exactly in your text that you should have invert your "was not able to" and your "can't even swim" It's not fair


  • Hello Dominique, I think your first question deserves an answer, though I can't understand accuratly what is not fair, or rather not true. And I must bring to your attention that I'm not part of gymglish staff, just a fellow learner like you. Maybe there's a reversal of answers and corrections, but I don't remember I'd noticed it when I did this exercise. There are very few mistakes I'd say, but it happens. I hope this helps, while the gymglish crew returns from it's break.
    And hey ! we're nearly equal in seniority number of lessons, started almost two years ago, like me ? Cheers :)

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