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Paola Meets Polly : To work closely = intensively ?

Me too I've something to discuss about, on this story, for the sense of "to work closely with": There is first a mismaching in the explanations in the correction : Having checked "to work privately", my correction was "The expression to 'work closely with' does not express that people are working in 'teams of two'. (which is another possible choice) It should read 'privately' instead of 'in teams of two'. Well, a wrong thread, not a big deal. But I've been surprised by the correct choice and explanation, "to work intensively, as I thought "intensively" meant something similar to the French "intensément". gg says :To work closely with' someone means 'to work directly' or 'to work intensively' with someone. To work directly, right. But to work intensively ? I took a look on several dictionaries and translators, and I couldn't find a confirmation of this sense for 'working intensively'. Thanks for your answer !


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