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Cabbie speaks too quickly

Hello It's very difficult for me to understand CAbbie Fortunately the prononciation of JEan Marron is more easy to understand and questions below Help me to understand So my note si notre so bad .... Thank you for written helping (!!) Regards JLG


  • Who is Cabbie for god sake ??? Jean, don't tell me, I know him well enough ;)
  • Or, Who the heal is Cabbie ??? ;)
  • Jean Luc, I agree, the accent of Cabbie is very difficult. Me too, I never understand she says .
  • I found a famous dialog of the cabbie in A Small Detour (Scene 4 of 4).
    Is it about this one ?
    She speaks quickly indeed but the script make her spoken clear enough.
    Does she appear in an other lesson ?

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