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je fais du sur place.

Je me lasse car je fais du sur pl<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre"> </span>ce. Jelis sans problèmes, la compréhension orale (mis a part radio rhubarbe' !!) c'est correct , mais toujours nulle en ce qui concerne le passage du français en anglais . De plus je reste au mm niveau en grammaire. Je crois que je vais abandonner Sinon comment faire ??


  • Hi mimi,
    The best way to improve is to practice. From French to English remains difficult for you ? So you should try to talk, and write in English. Isn't there foreign visitors in summer in your place? And what about a chat by e mail? I would be delighted to discuss with you, tell me if you feel like it.
    Since I've been working with gg, I've experimented that it's a good complement to other practices, like reading, listening to radio, etc.
    Don't give up just because of a figure calculated by a robot, of course you did upgrade your level, but you must use what you learn, to make it natural and concrete.
    I hope that helps you to go on, have a very nice day!

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