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Looking 4 lost files ?

It's well known that French people like to check for ID. Why,on my DelavigneCorp website, there are missing character bio or texts that are but fulfilled like the perfume synopsis (the bottles on the shelf). And the real question out of this is : have I made an understandable sentence ? Not sure for the use of "...but..." I often write/type words for words and being awkward in my grammar


  • The answer is, no, I at least didnt catch your say, with this "but" indeed. I can't understand what is missing, but I must confess that I'm not familiar with the DC website. (and also that I don't know what a synopsis is :( )
    But it's nice to meet you anyway !
  • That's nothing.Nowadays Words come and go... It may be because of my subscription type? Besides this text mystery there are several things I can't modify at will like my profile on this forum.I can change my nickname that'all. By the way can you tell me if one can change his subscription type while already running a subsciption. Go from a Basic account to a Premium one to be clear. If it's not about subscription type the lost files remain lost!
  • Scrooge said

    By the way can you tell me if one can change his subscription type while already running a subsciption. Go from a Basic account to a Premium one to be clear.

      This you should ask by e mail to someone of gymglish team, ( and you'll have an answer. I can see that you could change your nickname : yesterday I was talking to... someone with 2 "o" like "mood" I don't remember, well today you're Kurt...Names come and go as you just said...
    And what else ? Maybe you tried to set a picture, how do they call it, avatar ? I've been trying that many many times, one year ago maybe, when the forum has been overhauled, but it failed every time...No way, Igave up.
    G'day to you mate !
  • I did as you said.Waiting for the answer coming next in this topic. Don't miss it ! A synoptic table or a symopsis is a table or text that gives a comprehensive picture of a whole thing in à single glance. I'm not sure if there's another definition.As Mr Cheeter says "I'm not Wikipedia" For myself I first saw the word synopsis on top of a movie description on an UGC website. Gday 2 U
  • Actually, some bios are still missing on our website so it has nothing to do with your subscription type. Also, it's currently not possible to change your avatar on the forum.<br> And no, it's not possible to upgrade your subscription while it is still running. You'll have to subscribe again.<br> As I have just burned 200€ to buy a Basic account I think I gonna wait 2 years to take a Premium account...if over this length there's still a Premium (account typesco may collapse?). <br> That seem to wrap the lost files mystery...really ?
  • Howdy !
    Ah, yes a synopsis for a movie, I must have known this before. Thank you for your explanation, (table or text that gives a comprehensive picture of a whole thing in à single glance) I'll remember that.
    So even if you're not Wikipedia all by yourself, you're potentially part of it. I have another question : what is "bios" ?
    And a last one, <br> means an angry smiley?
    Good luck with your missing files, keep us posted!
  • I love my teacher part knowing that I've suscribed to be taught :-) Let me find back that student cap...there it is! Bio, as you should have guessed already is a short term for biography (story of men or women that would never had wanted their story to be told). br enclosed between chevron is a html tag standing for break line. The equivalent of Return in a text processor but for a web page. If it was a smiley it would be a mark of bold rage. A good idea. It may be already implemented ? Speaking of br I see I can't use it here but then how can I jump a line and format my text ?
  • You're right saying that I could have guessed for bio, if I had dug into the question, it's something I've ever seen.
    And the same about <br> , I've already used it as I commited a blog or two some time ago. But things must be learnt and relearnt to become reliable datas, available when you need them, and still, those things like tags can change so fast... Well, let's hold on, go ahead, good old times won't come back ;)
    Jump a line here on this forum?? You are asking a lot ;) I tell you how I do, but when talking about that with other users (discussion in the topic "haïkus" ) they said they just couldn't, because they can't edit their text after they posted it. Whereas I can, and it doesn't seem to be a matter of web browser (I, like some others, use firefox).
    So IF you can edit your post, then you can skip lines just the same way you do it in a simple text editor, yes ! And if you can edit, you can also correct the mistyping, errors and whatever you first wrote... I use it for that a lot too!
    Ok, let's register our home made smiley <br> for bold rage :)
    Now things are not being done by themselves, I've got to go,
    Have a nice weekend !

  • It's my turn to apologize. Not beeing able to skip lines...where am I ?
    Return or Shift+Return do the trick.
    Thank you for your text editing xps.
    Please, forget the <br> for a smiley.
    Firstly rage is not a good mood to figure out and <br> is already used by html and for some servers, at least I gather it, it could lead to a system contradiction when the code is loaded in the parser.

    Now, get back to work!

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