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Planing Holidays

Sorry, Twice in a month, I can't introduce days'number for a break. I am needing a break. How can I do? Thanks for explaining the road. Blueset


  • You could for sure go for a break, even if you coudn't notify it, nobody is going to run after you :) And your next lesson will simply arrive when you'll have done the last... But I wonder why you can't place your days off ... You said twice a month, do you mean that you usually manage to do it but not all the time ? There are two locations where we can set the reception days or the vacation : at the bottom of each lesson, and the correction as well, and it's also avalaible on the workbook. Did you try both ?
  • Oops, after I posted I took a look at your profile and seing that you've already completed 750 lessons, you must be well aware of where and how things work on gg... So, is it a problem, a bug, a malfunctioning of the website ?
  • Thank you. Finally, I got the calendar month on the workbook . No more problem. following this way.

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