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why this difference?

bonjour sur ma leçon de ce jour, on doit dire: before horatio came into work yesterday, he had been drinking scotch! alors pourquoi on peut pas dire: horatio had never been visiting the us before he arrived with bruno in the early 1980s merci à celui ou celle qui me répondra.


  • Hi Nicole, I think you asked us the same question via our support email address, so you've received an answer now!

    Thierry, you should be able to print any part of your lesson in the same way you print any web page. If you want to know how to access old grammar lessons, you should follow AhQ's instructions for finding the grammar topics you have encountered.
  • I would like to print the grammar'lesson send by Gymglish ; how it's possible ?
  • Hi arc grays surprise,
    Because of the negation : when you say "he had been drinking" there's an idea of duration, he didn't just drink a glass, he took his time and drank the bottle.
    In the other sentence : "he had never visited," we can't have an idea of lenght, because he didn't visit the US at all. It would make no sense to talk about the lasting time of something that you didn't do. Like : j'ai passé toute la matinée à ne pas écrire mon roman...
    Whereas you could say : Horatio had been visiting theUS for months before he met Bruno in the early 1980s.
    You're welcome !
  • Ms Nicole,
    click "my account"
    in your Gymglish workbook, choose "grammar"
    "could and would" should be made out.
    If not so, for sure Pimpanella will help you out. I also could.
  • Je ne vois pas bien la différence entre would et should_ Nicole

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