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A mistype to correct for gymglish makers

Hi, gymglish makers, There's a "buy" for a "by" in the last question of "Icarus and Stickypedia" scene 4. As gymglish are not online lessons that anyone can contribute to (and therefore is generally full of accurate informations, except a very few typos or so) my contribution is to point out that one for it could confuse some of us, users. Otherwise, don't change anything, it's great !


  • Hia Pimpanella, the brilliant Stella shining on this forum, / I am so bold as to reply to a post I wasn't the addressee of. But I can't help telling you how much I like the way you liven up this forum. / Having said that, I'd like to point out two words that worry me. / 1° "gymglish are not on line lessons": Is 'gymglish' the subject of 'are'? or is 'lessons' the subject as the verb is in the plural? /2° I'd ask the meaning of "one for it could confuse some of us". I presume that "it" is a pronoun for "typo"? As I'd say that you are one for writing? / Thank you in advance for answering. / By the way typos or slips of the pen are typical of everyone, even of yourself as you told that the lessons were full of accurate information with a 's' spoiling the information. / I confess I'd like to have more spare time to hobnob with you, Pimpanella.
  • Yo, AhQ, I'm so glad you're here! I feared that we wouldn't hear from you anymore ! Thanks for your nice comments as ever...
    And let's proceed to some explanations between you and me :
    1/ I think I had in mind "gymglish's lessons are not..." You would rather write : gymglish IS not... ? It's maybe better, but can we use a plurial noun after? Like "This book is the stories... I duno, but It won't prevent me to sleep this night.
    2/" it" for "that one" the typo I was pointing out. Does it make it ?
    3/ Information without s, recorded, and that wasn't a typo ;)
    And I think I should correct as well :" except for very few typos" and not A very few typos. I think it will make a difference for gymglish makers,
    I'm all yours to hobnob with you, cheers !
  • I'm delighted to get a so kind answer, Pimpanella. You have become quite fluent. It's wonderful. / For now I am up my neck with things to do but I'll be back asap.
  • Hi Pimpanella, typo corrected, thanks again!

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