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gymglish logic

<span class="not-selected-choice"><span class="icon-not-selected-choice"></span>You did not select: </span> <span class="correct">Jean had previously been sleeping at his colleagues homes.</span> <div class="indent"><div class="indent"><div class="indent"><span class="correct-explanation">This is a correct choice. Jean writes in his e-mail that 'I know you will all be very relieved that I won't be asking to sleep on your sofa from now on.' This means that Jean won't need to ask to sleep at his colleagues' homes, since he has now found an apartment to live in. </span> <span class="correct-explanation"><span class="correct-explanation">"I won't be asking to sleep on your sofa from now on."don't mind that Jean had ever been sleeping at his colleagues homes but had only ASKED that</span> </span>


  • <span class="correct-explanation">Although Jean begins by saying 'Please take a seat. Anywhere you like', he quickly shouts 'no!', and tells Brian that he cannot sit in a certain chair. To 'allow' someone to do something is to 'let' or 'permit them to' do it. Since Jean doesn't let Brian sit in a particular chair, we can say that he doesn't 'allow' his guests to sit wherever they like. Although Jean says to Brian </span><span class="correct-explanation">that he cannot sit in a certain chair, he had FIRST saying "take a seat anywhere you like" so the answer is TRUE </span>
  • Hi Sathya !
    I would say that logic is not the same for everybody... There is often place for different interpretations, even with simple statements. Some people, including myself, will assume that Jean has effectively slept at his colleagues places, as he has asked them for. And you believe what you read, nothing more, so you can't say for sure that he has been staying at their place.
    And for the second point you challenge, it's Jean who is confusing : he says something and then acts otherwise... I conclude like gymglish anyway, because the result is no. If you say to a friend, yes, you can take my car, and then you don't want to give them the key, you don't allow them to use your car ultimately...
    Never mind, it gives grist to the mill,
    Good week to you,

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