English Grammar

Lost among, amid, amongst, amidst the preposition

Does anyone know when to use each of those prepositions ? Thank you


  • Hi, I just pop in for few minutes, to say your question rang a bell for me, I'm quite sure we talked about those words some months ago. And yes there it is, if you search for among you will find the discussion and some answers...
    Well, I'm back to my  hectic pace of summer.
    Have a nice one,
  • OK, that's what I get out of those explanations.
    amidst is to be used to name an uncountable quantities 'amidst the ocean of mediocrity' the same than 'amid the ocean of mediocrity' ?
    amongst is for the countable quantities 'I was hidden amongst barrels', is it correct ?
    Are there threads about "When to add the suffix st ?"

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