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You made me a technician

Since a few month, on my laptop, while it has never impede me to follow my lesson, some characters appear in their octal value on the page.Beside they are a bit longer to load than they were.

\e038 instead of the loudspeaker button used to show the Pronunciations examples.
\f0 instead of the arrow which points to the label "Pronunciation examples".
Complete urls instead of the label.

It doesn't happen on my Ipad where all is perfect.

The Delavigne webmaster may have changed of server ?

And this long term reflexion :
With 634 lessons the PDF which assembles all the episodes takes a few minutes to be build but what will happen in the future when I'll have more than 3000 lessons ?
Will you implement a compress algorithm (Put in a zip archive) before releasing the file ?.


  • Woh woh woh !  I'm speechless... Here you are Scrooge with Picsou for your
    profile image...  So many times have I tried to set one, and it
    would'nt work.  Good things come to those who wait, really.  I jumped
    neither one nor two to set mine, the file of the image  was ready for
    years in my computer. And it worked :-D
    For the defects you noticed in your lessons, I don't know, but who cares ? ;) We have a new feature on our favorite forum, now at last, we can see with whom we talk ;-)
  • I'm sorry for this "who cares" Scrooge, I was only joking and I hope you didn't take it badly.
    I did use a smiley but maybe you didn't see it? No offense, my apologize anyway.

  • I'm really happy that my avatar can be seen. This picture pleases me and the octalian error seems to be fixed.yet I don't know who is to be thanked.
    Now, like Scrooge I'm always unsatisfied. So here's another malfunction I often encounter :
    Beside the pdf story taking more and more time to be built, its link often leads to a 500 Internal error.
    Will it be magically fixed too ?

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