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My global note is the same since 6 months even if each one (grammar, vocabulary....) is increasing, why ?
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  • Hi!
    I agree that progress is the goal to focus on. But as I am curious and have taught maths, I have three questions.
    Is the overall level recalculated after each new lesson?
    Is the grade the average of all the grades obtained at a given time?
    What is the maximum grade?
  • Dans ma dernière leçons j ai écrit (hipes au pluriel au de hip au singulier pareil que shades et shade pourquoi cette sanction ) merci
  • Hello Denis,

    Don't worry, it is quite common for users to reach a 'plateau' where their level remains the same for a while!

    Intermediate or upper-intermediate learners are often frustrated because they feel their level isn't changing. You are of course improving, but once you have reached a certain level of competence, progress becomes more subtle and less remarkable than the rapid improvement experienced by beginners.

    Let me explain in more detail how scoring works when you become a more advanced user. All of our exercises are given a level from 1-5, corresponding to the range of the General Level. In order for your level to increase, you have to do well on exercises which are ranked 4 and 5. So you might get very good scores in general, but if you make mistakes on the hardest questions then your level is likely to stay the same rather than increase.

    My advice: try not to focus too much on your overall level! Do your best to answer your lessons as well as possible (and as often as possible), and eventually, this hard work will be translated into your level increasing.

    Remember, doing Gymglish lessons regularly can only have a positive effect and improve your level of English, whether our system shows this or not!

    I hope this helps.

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