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english books

can you propose some novel easy to read in english ?


  • I wonder why I wanted to play the library rat with you.
    I had better chosen to post on a preliminary school forum.

    In my yearly letter to old Santa I'm going to ask one of your title beside my other wishes but if he's as generous as last year I may keep a low culural level for a while ...

    Anyway, thank you

  • I don't commonly read English litterature yet. I still prefer reading in my native language which  is french. Nonetheless I've read several novel as e-books like Re-animator from Phillips Lovecraft. It's a collection of dark story from him. Sin War from Richard A. Knaak tell the story of a bunch of friends who have adventures in a world which undergo a war between evil and good. I've not finished 'em yet. There's Tick Tock from Dean Koontz. A doll which pursues a couple of earthlings in a time frame of 12 hours. I began this one in a Pocket french book and bought the English e-book later to finish it. But what is far more friendly are the graphic novel. I've read a few story from the Clive Barker's Hellraiser comics series and lastly an excellent issue of Daredevil vs Kingpin named Born Again. This said I guess that if you'd rather read titles like "The pursuit of happiness" by D. Kennedy I must be far away from your taste.
    I just want to play with you.
  • I read the woman in the fifth THANK you
  • My favorite is Asterix and obelix you can find it in this link
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  • I started read English books few monts ago and could recommend you:
    - "The curious dog in the night time" by Marc Haddon : it's the first book that I read and it's pretty easy to understand because it's a teenage book
    - Sophia Kinstella's books : "Can you keep a secret?", "The Undomestic Goddess", etc. it's books for women.
    - "the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian" from Ellen Forney
    - "A street cat named Bod" by James Bowen : a true story!
    - "Hyperbole and a half"
    - "No Impact Man"
    - "eating animal" from Jonathan Safran Foer!
    - "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keynes
    - "The Goal" by Godratt 

    Hope that you will find your happiness in this list.. :)

    Last but not least recommendation:
    "Information is Beautiful" from David Mc Candless !!
    It's a book about infography and it's a good way for learning English vocabulary.
    His website:
  • My pleasure. You'll tell if you enjoyed ?
  • Hi Michel,
    I sure can propose you some novels I have read, thanks to a fellow gg user who talked about books a few months (years ?) ago here in this very place.
    The first one  is "The woman in the fifth" by Douglas Kennedy, it's  a real page turner and easy to read.
    After I read "The pursuit of happiness" by D. Kennedy again, and I completly dove into the story, loved it.
    And I had liked too "Illusions" by Richard Bach, that I  had first read in French, but I don't think it's difficult to understand. If you like thoughts like this one " Here is a test to find if your mission on earth is finished : If youre alive, it isn't"
    Do you have one to recommend ?

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