English Vocabulary

to improve my english

i'm vincent kouassi,i would like to improve my english


  • good luck
  • Vincent Kouassi said

    i'm vincent kouassi,i would like to improve my english

  • I also want to improve my English ! Let's talk together :) Where are you from ?
  • Me too ....Why don't we make friend and chat on facebook??
  • I want to improve muy english too
  • This post was deleted by the author 6 years, 4 months ago.

  • I want to improve my English too. I have many difficulties understanding oral lessons. Easier for written lessons.
  • I Jacqueline, I have the same dificulties than you sometimes...In particaul where the accent used is unknown from me! An d need to acquire more vocabulary...I don't know if there is a site where we could find oral exercies to practice. Anyone knows??
  • Hello everybody ! 
    As to me, i've got a question : does anyone, any teacher or at least corrector, read our discussions and tell us about our grammatical mistakes ?
    It would be the best solution to improve our english !
    Concerning gatting more vocabulary, you can try and go on this site    http://www.anglaisfacile.com/

    read you soon

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