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Harold Warbuckle...?

Hi you guys !
 Has anyone seen MrWarbuckle around .....? It's been ages since we last heard about him ...
Hope he didn't hurt his little toe trying to shoot ( booooo ) a hedgehog !
Anyway , are there any hedgehogs around his ranch ?

Have a nice day !


  • I haven't heard about Harold  for months either. I have no clue of what happened to him.
    For myself to my distress,  I'have been swamped  with stories with Jean Marron in the past weeks :-(((
    It seems that even if you didnt check the French accent in the options you have to know all about that ball, because he is a compatriot of many of us. Anyway, at least it give us the feeling that we have a good English accent by comparison.
    Hedgogs, it's a pity we always meet them flat on the roads...

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